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Here, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about our exciting and enriching summer camps for children. Our camps provide a safe and stimulating environment for children to learn new skills, make friends, and have fun. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What kind of summer camp should I go to?

You should go to a summer camp that focuses on some of your hobbies or interests. For example, if you love playing a particular sport and want to get more practice and experience, choose a camp that focuses on that sport. If you love being in nature and learning about the natural world, choose an outdoor nature-focused summer camp, like Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp.

What kind of activities can you do at summer camp?

The type of activities you will do at a summer camp depends on the type of camp you sign up for. Camps generally have a main focus, like learning more about and practicing a certain skill, like crafting, cooking, or sports. If it’s an outdoor camp, the focus will likely be on learning more about nature or a specific focus in environmental education. Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp is unique because it blends the traditional outdoor summer camp activities of environmental education, outdoor nature play, arts and crafts, and games with a whole-health focus for kids with yoga and mindfulness and nutrition with healthy snack making.

How long does summer camps last?

Some summer camps run all summer long, while others are only offered certain weeks or days within the summer. Some summer camps are available to be signed up for by the day, some by the week, some by a two-week session, and others all summer. Camps like Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp offer a savings to families who want to sign up for two or all three weeks of camp.

Are there summer camps for toddlers?

Since toddlers are still so young, normally businesses who work with them want a parent to be there with each child during the camp day or activity. Tinkergarten is one business to look into for toddler programming. Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp offers a week-long day camp for kids as young as incoming kindergartners.

How long does Summer camp usually last?

Summer camp hours range greatly depending on the focus of the camp. It is most common for camps to be either a half-day or full-day. Some camps offer extended care hours for parents who may have to work until later in the day. For example, Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp runs from 8:30 – 3:00 each day, but you can add on extended care through 5:00.

What can you do in a summer camp?

There are summer camps of all different kinds. Some camps focus on outdoor activities like learning about nature, biking, water sports, or outdoor team sports. Other summer camps may focus on deepening knowledge of a skill like reading, coding, playing team indoor sports, or arts and crafts. Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp is an outdoor camp that focuses on a mix of exploratory time in nature, environmental education, team-building games and activities, arts and crafts, and healthy-snack making.

What should I take to summer camp?

The camp you sign up for will generally give you a packing list of what your child will need daily during their camp week.

What time do summer camps start?

Summer camps either last a half day or full day. Camps generally start between 8:00 and 9:00, and some camps may have before-care options.

What to say to kids at camp?

Campers usually enjoy the topic or focus of the camp they are signing up for, so deepening their knowledge of the content they are there to learn is best. This can be in the format of quick, bite-sized mini lessons or as a demonstration of an idea, then letting them try it themselves. It is important to be kind, positive, and fair to the campers each day. Always give reminders of the positive behaviors you are looking for them to exhibit. If a child needs a deeper talk or further reminders, it is a good idea to pull them aside and have a one-on-one conversation to see if something is going on deeper than it appears. Helping them problem-solve and reset could turn their whole day around. At Rising Sun Kids Nature Camp, we emphasize whole-child health, and aim to connect with each child to be able to help them with whatever comes up within their camp week.

When to sign up for summer camp?

Normally summer camp sign-ups start as early as December. January and February are popular months to sign up for camps to ensure a spot for your child. Some camps continue to accept campers until just a few days before. Rising Sun Kids Nature Camp’s sign-ups has early bird $50 savings until March 18, then overall sign-ups for camp end the Friday before the camp week starts.

What should I bring to day camp?

The camp you sign up for will either send you a list of what to bring each day or have it listed on their website. If you sign up for a full-day camp, normally you will bring a snack, lunch, and water, then in addition you will bring whatever other items are pertinent to that camp focus. For example, at Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp

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