On-Demand Videos

Welcome to Rising Sun Kid’s on-demand learning portal. Here we will feature a series of pre-recorded how-to based activities for your child to engage in and follow along with on their own. Check back often as new content is produced frequently.

Mindfulness Lessons

Bear & Bunny Breath

Tune in to a quick 5 minute video teaching kids two animal breaths: Bear breath will help relax and balance and Bunny breath is meant to energize.

Bumblebee and Snake Breath

Bumblebee breath is a fun way to relax and soothe yourself when you’re feeling anxious or when you need to calm yourself down.

Breathe Like a Bear: Imagination

In this video, kids have a chance to use their IMAGINATIONS as they listen to five quick exercises about various topics.

How To and Why We Belly Breathe

Have you ever heard of deep breathing or belly breathing? Learn the difference between chest breathing and belly breathing and why it’s good for us to start taking deeper breaths and lower our stress levels.

Check Your Own Belly Breathing

Belly breathing is something most of us have to learn and practice. Check out this quick video for a fun way to test out if you are actually belly breathing when you think you are.

Surroundings Meditation

This quick seven minute meditation gives kids a chance to practice mindful observation with their surroundings, indoors or outdoors, to deepen their sense of awareness throughout their day-to-day routine.

Yoga Classes

Nature Yoga with Flower Breath and Build the Pose

Nature Yoga with Flying Bird Breath and Instructions for “Build the Pose” Game – This 19 minute yoga and mindfulness class starts with practicing “Flying Bird Breath” for energy, followed by nature yoga poses, and instructions on how to play the fun and simple yoga game, “Build the Pose.”

Nature Lessons

Help a Bird Build a Nest

Go on a nature walk around your yard, neighborhood, park, or open space to find these materials and help a bird build its home!

Favorite Nature Things Jar

All you need for this activity is a jar to hold your favorite items in nature that catch your eye on a simple nature walk practicing your observation skills and owl eyes!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Grab an egg carton, brainstorm some descriptive words to describe things in nature, and you are ready to go out on a nature scavenger hunt!

Cooking Classes

Homemade Guacamole

Tune in to this quick video on how to make a delicious homemade guacamole. There are a few recommended ingredients, but you can also add in or take out anything you want to fit your individual taste!

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