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Mindfulness Classes

Our mindfulness classes will teach your kids the importance of using mindful strategies to help deal with strong emotions, such as anger, sadness, annoyance, and more. Kids will also learn social emotional skills that help them be better connected to themselves and others. Through games and activities, kids will practice gratitude, appreciation, acts of kindness, listening for others’ emotions and feelings, and more.

Kids will also learn effective strategies to manage their stress and mental health, an ever-increasing need for young people these days. The lifelong skills they learn will be valuable in helping them through stressful times as they get older. We’ll tap into different “mindful” strategies, like mindful breathing, mindful listening, mindful seeing, mindful eating, and mindful smelling.

Mindfulness classes can be taught in the following ways:
• After-school class
• School day class (weekly or monthly)
• Special event at your school
• Special event in your community
• Private in-home event

Mindfullness Class

Roxanne teaches kids the basics of mindful breathing and mindful listening in the first of a free four-part series of "Rising Sun Kids: Mind, Body, Spirit, Nature" videos to help kids learn how to lead a holistic healthy life!

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